PaymaA is a complex management software (CMS) application.
Your regular 10 - hour workday engulfs more than three-fifths of your day.
For those hoping to spend the remaining two-fifths with peace, various management activities are an unwelcome burden.

For something as compact as an apartment to a complex economic centre such as malls, PaymaA makes a welcome addition in everybody′s lives.

Popularly used by segments such as Apartments, Gated Communities, Commercial Complexes and Shopping Malls, this management software comes in-built with a diverse set of features. Some hallmark features include:

Digitalized collection of bills

Digitalized collection of bills and invoice generations with instant payment status updates through secure payment gateways

Keeping track of various scheduled maintenances

Keeping track of various scheduled maintenances through our application where you can upload and download all the relevant information

Schedulers various appointments

Schedulers bar is another great feature of this application where you can keep on top of various appointments such as cleaning, garbage collections and other services

A structured Grievance Escalation Mechanism

A structured Grievance Escalation Mechanism where every problem you face will be heard by the concerned authorities in a structured manner and solutions will be provided on a priority basis.

Our pre-paid metering system feature through

Our pre-paid metering system feature through which you can keep track of units of consumption of electricity, water and more. Timely recharge alerts will be sent out through emails, phone calls, WhatsApp messages and more. Reduce your carbon footprint through more conscious consumption of natural resources.


Industrial Management Software

PaymaA finds popular application in the industrial sector, where big names like the
Indian Railways and the Hyderabad International Airport are some of our valued clients.

With PaymaA′s exceptional IMS software, usher in a new era of management efficiency.
With customizable features that cater to your business blueprints, PaymaA is an irreplaceable part of every Industrialist′s daily life.

Some hallmark features of the Industrial Management Software includes:

Keep a track on various machines

Keep a track on the usage of various machines employed in your industries through PaymaA which gives live updates of the running hours on the go

Digitalized energy auditing

Digitalized energy auditing that can help you make environmentally wiser choices as well as monitor your expenditure

consolidated dashboard

A sleek consolidated dashboard that accommodates all the features, both in-built as well as customized

Accessibility to data hierarchy protects information

Accessibility to data is different for every user of this application. While a Tier1 user has control over every iota of data in his industry, a Tier 3 user′s dashboard has features that are strictly confined to his portfolio. This strict hierarchy protects information and prevents any mishandling of resources.

Multiple locations Remote

Remote management of various equipments across multiple locations. It is now easier than ever to be aware of the uptime and downtime of various machinery

Reports Upload/Download digital alerts

Ease in uploading and downloading reports

Timely digital alerts on the upkeep and performance of the shop-floor of your industry. Emails and SMS′s are an everyday occurrence of our lives, and by sending alerts through these basic platforms, we make sure you stay updated anywhere, at any time.