Who We Are?

Importance of IT, or IMPOF as we know it, provides Internet of Things products

PIMPOF IT Solutions PVT LTD is a start - up company that primarily provides software solutions. Importance of IT, or IMPOF as we know it, provides Internet of Things products. In a world where data is quickly becoming the most valuable currency, there′s urgent need to manage, segregate, analyze and access this data with ease.

Our products have been touted as game-changers by industry insiders. Data pooling, data analysis, data monitoring and control is now easier, quicker and right at your fingertips through IMPOF.

Computerized generations have demands as exacting as their lives. There′s no longer any scope for manual errors, half-baked efforts and mindless delays. In a fast-tracked life, our solutions that promise ease of life are coveted and valuable.

Customized reports, data control, real-time access to data has been made extremely affordable through our solutions. Investment to the tune of lakhs of rupees on imported products can now be bypassed. We provide our hardware and software solutions for both B2B and B2C segments in cost-effective packages.

Our Mission,Vision, Values

Importance of IT, or IMPOF as we know it, provides Internet of Things products

Our Mission:

IMPOF IT Solutions hopes to unite the power of technology with structured discipline for flawless execution of day to day activities. We give every individual the power of making a green choice while also enjoying the benefits of a scheduled lifestyle with no room for errors.

Our Vision:

IMPOF IT Solutions strives to digitalize lives and help several generations of residents and professionals reduce their carbon footprint. With the singularly remarkable goal of providing environment-friendly solutions that encourage green-housing, we hope that our services can be accessed by every single household.

Our Values:

Trust Worthiness:

Data is a huge responsibility and we believe that honesty, responsibility and a sense of righteousness is our first and foremost core value.

What are some of the most pressing problems that we provide solutions for?

Money Management

Managing multiple accounts is easier said than done.
The more middlemen involved in the process of payments and delivery, the higher the chances of mismanagement.

Collecting data

Real-time access to data is perhaps the most important aspect of our software solutions.
Data is king in the digital world, and any lack of accuracy in it can mean losses that can range from a few hundred to several million.

Human errors

Digitalization and Computerization have eliminated the chances of any errors.
While to error is certainly human, it is not how machines are programmed to be.
Eliminate countless man hours that go into finding errors and rectifying them with our technology.

Tapping into manpower resources

Manpower drives every community, industry and organization.
While there is a lot of manpower that can be bought cheaply, it is often found that they don′t deliver efficiently.
Tapping into manpower resources efficiently and utilizing their capacities
effectively spells better success in your activities.

Systematic bill generation

When a community, industry or any large unit lives together,
there is bound to be confusion with regards to payments for services.
It is easy to lose track of bills paid, and even easier to fling accusations.

Lack of accountability

When it comes to managing resources, word of mouth and
physical records are unreliable.
Accountability is a big issue and it′s often impossible to identify the right party.
These unpleasant scenarios would be easily avoided if manual intervention is

Lack of utilization tracking

Tankers, elevator services, machinery servicing
and so many more routine tasks and utilities used by organizations require spotless tracking.
When utilities are tracked, not only are expenses more controlled but also the resources are more wisely


Importance of IT, or IMPOF as we know it, provides Internet of Things products

  • Witnessing a fight between the treasurer and your next-door neighbour over the bills charged and paid
  • Watching a worker getting fired for mishandling of funds, although he claims innocence
  • Losing electricity or other basic amenities due to missing the month′s rentals
  • Paying the same bill, twice
  • Losing important data due to misplacement of records

Trivial issues they may seem, but there is no need for anybody to be a victim to such problems. Micromanagement of tasks needs to be digitalized so that such errors are kept to a minimum.

In the long run, our vision is not just limited to providing peace of mind and effortless ease in managing everyday activities, no matter how big or small the organization. It is also about creating a lifestyle that truly gives you the freedom to prioritize on crucial task, and leave the smaller stuff to us.